I, Sunil Laxman Dhanve (SD STUDIOS), (hereinafter referred to as Deponent) here by agree with the terms and conditions of VISHHAL AK RAINA, registered office at B 62, Second Floor, Sanjaygram, Sector 13, Gurugram, Haryana 122001.

Deponent will provide VISHHAL AK RAINA video editing services in connection with the wedding event of Drishti & Vinay and other associated events. After going through the quality of work on this project VISHHAL AK RAINA will approve or disapprove the teaser and/ or wedding film. If the teaser and/ or wedding film is approved, VISHHAL AK RAINA will upload it on YouTube channel and share with clients. Deponent will get the compensation for this project only if the teaser and/ or wedding film is approved internally by VISHHAL AK RAINA.

Project Deliverable

  • Teaser: 2 - 4 minutes  (This should provide a glimpse from the entire wedding and other related events covered by our team using all the camera angles provided. This can also include recorded interviews if provided to the Deponent. Clips should be stitched together beautifully with the latest trends in fashion available online to match the taste of the client. Songs shall be used in the video as given by the client).

  • Wedding film: 20 – 40 minutes (Wedding video shall consist of all the events covered for the client. This will have all the family members and the Deponent will make sure no one is missing or cut from the final video. All the important camera footage shall be used. Events shall be stitched beautifully to match the client's taste and expectation. Interviews (if recorded) shall be kept in a cinema style version and can run parallel to each other between clients, friends and family. Songs shall be used in the video as given by the client).

  • Data analysis: Deponent should specify the number of clips used for each videographer for the teaser and the wedding film for feedback purposes


Final Delivery

  • Teaser: 07 days from the day the RAW data is downloaded.

  • Wedding film: 07 days from the day the RAW data is downloaded.

  • The data will be shared through google links from 10/07/20, understand data should be downloaded by 14/06/20. 

  • VISHHAL AK RAINA'S office will accept deliveries 8 pm only. Deliveries received after 8 pm will be considered next business day. 


Project details

  • The project data is 160.3 GB and total 1141 files.

  • The data is uploaded on google drive in day/event wise. Once Day 1/First Event data is downloaded and confirmation sent on email by the Deponent, Day 2/ Second Event link will be shared and the process will follow the same for further Days/ Events.

  • Deponent will analyse & raise any questions within 48 hrs of downloading the data.

  • Deponent will receive a list of songs from VISHHAL AK RAINA, the songs are shared by the client. Deponent will use songs from the client list only. If at all the Deponent feels any of the song from the client list does not go well for a particular function/ section, Deponent will discuss and suggest an alternate song to VISHHAL AK RAINA and only after written approval from the client, the song can be used.

  • Once Deponent finishes the first edit of the video, it needs to be shared with VISHHAL AK RAINA on google drive link shared by VISHHAL AK RAINA & notified on the ongoing email string. This video will be internally checked by VISHHAL AK RAINA editors, if it is felt there is a need for correction or improvement the same will be discussed & notified on email to Deponent. Deponent will make the changes within 24 hrs and share the second edit on google drive. In case of further internal corrections the same process will be repeated. 

  • If the client requests any changes/ corrections, these shall be amended within 24 hours of email intimation by VISHHAL AK RAINA.

  • In case the Deponent fails or does not submit the client correction on time there will be no payment/ compensation given and undertaking/agreement will be considered void.

  • The folder created on google drive by VISHHAL AK RAINA shall be used to upload data related to this project only. Deponent will never use this google drive folder for any other project files of VISHHAL AK RAINA or files of personal work. 

  • Once the videos are approved by the client and VISHHAL AK RAINA confirms, Deponent will delete all project data. The Deponent will not keep/use any data for personal or business use. Deponent will confirm the deletion of all data at the end of the project through email to VISHHAL AK RAINA.

  • If the project is terminated by VISHHAL AK RAINA for any reason, then Deponent will delete all project data immediately & will confirm through email. Failing this step can result in legal consequences. 


Copyrights & Reproduction Rights

  • Deponent agree not to sell the images/ videos at any point of time to any person, company, group, advertising agency or any other person.

  • Deponent agree not to use the images/ videos for self-promotion or company promotion by uploading data on online portals or personal social media accounts or sharing to any person, company, group, advertising agency or any other person through the internet/ offline mode.

  • All pictures or videos shared with the Deponent are property of VISHHAL AK RAINA and the ownership rights remain with VISHHAL AK RAINA always.

  • If the Deponent defaults any delivery deadline, the delivery will be rejected and there will be no payments.

  • In case Deponent is not able to submit the video on given deadline it might attract compensation/ penalty of Rs 10,000 for delay in the project.

  • If the project is not delivered on time and the reason is a medical emergency (family medical emergency is not considered for the delay in the project), VISHHAL AK RAINA would require a proper medical certificate by a certified doctor for the extension of delivery date. Medicine bills will not be treated as a proof.

  • In case of unforeseen/ medical situation where Deponent has failed to inform VISHHAL AK RAINA on the same day, the company will contact the Deponent. If the Deponent is not reachable for 24 hours after which the emergency number will be called.

  • Extension of due date will be considered only in below mentioned situations:

    1. Medical situations where immediate hospitalization is required.

    2. Admission to hospital for more than 24 hours.

    3. Admission and situation does not require more than 3 days of hospitalization. 

  • The project will be considered terminated if the hospitalization is for more than 3 days. Proper documentation and discharge certificate will be required. Non submission of the documents on email self attested within 30 days from the discharge date might attract a penalty of Rs 5000. 

  • If the Deponent misuses data, Deponent might have legal consequences/ compensation to be paid as per the decision taken by VISHHAL AK RAINA looking at the level of the issue. Maximum compensation/ penalty to be paid is Rs 25,000.

  • There will be no amendments done to this undertaking except the due date extension in the medical emergency cases as mentioned above. 



  • VISHHAL AK RAINA shall pay a total fee of Rs. 3,000 for this project, provided the teaser and wedding film is approved by VISHHAL AK RAINA.

  • VISHHAL AK RAINA will pay 50% after the teaser is uploaded on YouTube and balance 50% after the wedding film is uploaded on YouTube.

  • The payment will be done within 10 working days from the date of Upload on YouTube channel.

  • Incentives will be paid within 20 working days after the final wedding film is approved by the client. 

  • Incentives will be calculated based on the terms finalized by VISHHAL AK RAINA.


Incentives will be valid for the selected candidate whose project is sent to client


  • Incentive calculation process: 

  1. The time frame will start from the time the email is initiated by VISHHAL AK RAINA

  2. The email responses mentioned below will be included for incentives. Emails other than the list below will be responded to but will not be included for incentives

Bank details for payment transfers

  • Bank:- Axis Bank

  • Account holder:- SD STUDIOS

  • Account number:- 920020049542382

  • Account type: Current

  • IFSC code : UTIB0000740