Finding the right wedding photographer

What photographer should you hire for your wedding is the most basic and understandably the most important question that crosses the mind when you have found that perfect someone you want to settle down with. There are three important factors to consider when hiring a wedding photographer. Two are unique only to the photographer and cannot be copied. The third element fluctuates due to many different variables. Let’s talk about each in the order of importance.

First and most importantly is the personality of the individual who you will hire and invite as a guest to your wedding. These characteristics may not be the first thing you think about when hiring a photographer, however, it will definitely be the most important factor in the decision-making process. The first thing you need to determine is whether or not you like the images that this particular photographer has to show you. You will probably see 20-30 photographers’ work and narrow it down to 3-5 individuals who you will meet. It is definitely important to be intrigued or excited by the images a photographer shows you but this is not always the deciding factor. What is? Personality. Now that you are meeting with the photographer face to face, the question you have to ask your inner self is: Do I feel comfortable with this person? Will my friends and family like him or her? Would I invite him or her to my wedding?

Personality and character may not be the first thing you judge when interviewing a potential photographer but it is always a common thread that influences the final decision. You have to really like AND trust the person who will be capturing your wedding images. You could find the Raghu Rai of wedding photographers, but if he/she bugged you in anyway and you are not totally honest with yourself, the only person who is going to suffer is you. The bottom line is, if you don’t like your photographer for any reason, your wedding images and your memories or going to be reflected upon as if looking into a tarnished mirror. The second element and almost as equally important as personality is the photographers eye; the way he or she sees and captures the wedding day. This unique trait separates one photographer from the next. It is the photographer’s fingerprint and no two are the same.

A photographer can copy another photographer’s style, but the fact is no two photographers see the same way. When looking at different photographer’s work, take notice of how and what they see. Do the images move you? Are they unique or different or do they look like every other photographers work you have looked at. Are they emotional? Do they tell a complete story? Are they artistic and creative? Are they real? Do the people look comfortable? Finally, out of all the photographers you met with, whose images did you gravitate towards the most and why? Usually, the answer to these question