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Travel planning (Plan backup travel)


Time from the confirmation of payment (P) and day of first event (E)

  1. Check all possible options for travel and get the ‘Travel Plan’ ready. (P + 10 days)

  2. Share the ‘Travel Plan’ with KJF internal team and finalise the plan. (P + 10 days)

  3. Book travel tickets – Train/ bus/ flight/ cabs for local/ outstation shoots as per the finalised ‘Travel Plan’. (P + 11 days)

  4. Document the tickets booked on the internal email chain mentioning from which account the tickets were booked and which account was used for payment. (P + 11 days)

  5. Update calendar and send calendar invites to the team. (P + 11 days)

  6. Inform the Client team size and any specific requirements for team stay. (P + 11 days)

  7. Check RTPCR requirement for the travel and plan accordingly. (E - 7 days)

  8. Check inventory for Mask, sanitizer, body wash and purchase accordingly. (E – 7 days)

  9. Check the medicine kit for Pan 40, ENO, anti-vomiting, anti-loose motion, tablet for cough, tablet for fever, tablet for headache, Dettol liquid, bandage. (E – 7 days)

  10. Plan team food and accommodation.

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