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Team Planning (Plan backup team along with main team)


Time from the confirmation of payment (P)

  1. Check team availability for the shoot dates. (P + 3 days)

  2. Check intern availability for the shoot dates. (P + 3 days)

  3. Share team and intern availability details along with team plan with KJF internal team. Finalise the team and intern team for the shoot. (P + 3 days)

  4. Send project email to the finalised team. (P + 4 days)

  5. Get team members' confirmation responses on email. (P + 5 days)

  6. Send shoot date calendar invites to the team. (P + 5 days)

  7. Prepare team members contracts, get internal KJF team approval. (P + 7 days)

  8. Get team contract attested from court. (P + 8 days)

  9. Get team contract signed by the team.

  10. Identify video editor for the project. (P + 5 days)

  11. Identify team member for stills sorting. (P + 5 days)

  12. Identify photo editor for social media photos. (P + 5 days)

  13. Identify photo editor for bulk photos. (P + 5 days)

  14. Identify album designer. (P + 5 days)

  15. Get contracts prepared for Photo and video editors, get internal KJF team approval. (P +10 days)

  16. Get contracts signed by photo and video editors. (P + 15 days)

  17. Check which team members have health policies. Check the hospitals which cover their health policies and locate what is close to the shoot area. (P + 15 days)

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