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Post Processing - Delivery


  1. Submission by the Photo editor, check whether team members are visible, if yes remove the individual photos.

  2. Upload the low resolution JPG files on the website. Cross check the upload.

  3. Upload the high resolution JPG files KJF internal backup and the Client backup. Cross check the upload.

  4. Inform the Client on email.

  5. Get Website folder thumbnail, YouTube teaser thumbnail, YouTube wedding film thumbnail from Photo editor.

  6. Submission by video editor, check the work quality, check whether team members are visible, amend the necessary things and send it for internal KJF team feedback.

  7. Upload approved video on KJF YouTube channel.

  8. Inform the Client on email.

  9. Follow up with Client for Album sorting.

  10. Cross check the sorting received from the Client, if all is okay, send it to the Album designer.

  11. Check the soft copy received from the Album designer, if all okay, send it to the Client for approval.

  12. Check the High resolution printable file received from Album designer, send it to Printer.

  13. Client needs to make an unboxing video of the Album.

  14. Share links for Review with the Client.

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