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On Shoot


  1. Team should reach the shoot location at least 1 hr prior. Note individual team members arrival and document on internal project email.

  2. Document team arrival to client on email.

  3. Issue memory cards to team and document the memory card numbers.

  4. Check the team member has formatted the card. Check the camera setting is on RAW for the Stills team.

  5. All photographers should click black shot before each event starts.

  6. Discuss the video storyboarding with the video team.

  7. A space for the team should be identified by the Manager and Assistant and equipment should be organised.

  8. Assistant should immediately start with identifying the plug points and setting up the lights for the photographer, videographer and the mandap and stage

  9. The charging setup should be set up.

  10. Document on email any change in the plan that occurred with respect to the client contract. Document the time when the team winds up and leaves the venue.

  11. Collect balance payment from the client

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