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  1. Need a system for backup – Laptop or desktop (E-15 days)

  2. Need 2 backup space with at least 1TB space – 2 hard drives or 1 hard drive and a system. (E-15 days)

  3. Check memory cards – These should be empty. (E - 5 days)

  4. Shoot equipment to be charged

  5. Ronin to be charged – (E - 2 days)

  6. Camera batteries charged (E - 2 days)

  7. Flash batteries to be charged (E - 1 days)

  8. Check equipment required by Team, Intern team and TFI team. Plan accordingly. (E-15 days)

  9. Book required equipment from renters. (E-10 days)

  10. Pack the equipment and update the inventory list as per the packing. (E-1 days)

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