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Backend Post Processing Planning


Time from the confirmation of payment (P)

  1. Create google accounts for client backup (P + 10 days) Password KJF2022 Recovery email Mobile not to be specified

  2. Get the shoot plan from photo manager and video manager and share it internally and arrange a concall with core team (E – 15 days)

  3. Generate client web link for the website Stills delivery. (E - 15 days)

  4. Get the QR code soft copy ready from the photo editor. (E – 15 days)

  5. Get QR code printed from a local printer. (E –10 days)

  6. Check online space for data uploads, data will be uploaded if the photo and/or video editor is outstation resident. (E – 15 days)

  7. Create an online folder for the Video editor to upload the video cuts. (E – 15 days)

  8. Feedback links for all the Videographers, these will be sent to the Video editor while he is working on the project. (E – 15 days)

  9. Feedback links for the photographers, these will be sent to the internal team members immediately after the shoot is complete. (E – 15 days)

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