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Backend Planning – Future Team Growth


Time from the confirmation of payment (P) and day of first event (E)

  1. Check TFI availability for - (P + 15 days)

  2. Shoot dates

  3. Induction

  4. Share TFI availability details along with TFI team plan to KJF internal team. Finalise the TFI team for the shoot. (P + 15 days)

  5. Plan the induction and send emails to the TFI team. (E - 10 days)

  6. Prepare the TFI schedule and share it with the internal KJF team, finalise the schedule. (E - 10 days)

  7. Email schedule to TFI team. Mention in email 2 ID proof printouts self-attested need to be submitted when they come for induction. (E – 8 days)

  8. Check if any TFI needs any specific equipment, discuss with the KJF team and if approved add to the shoot equipment list. (E - 10 days)

  9. Check available Intern Video editors for the project. (E - 10 days)

  10. Book the conference room for Induction. (E – 8 days)

  11. Update the TFI document. (E - 10 days)

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