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As we always say there is no stopping when it comes to earning with KJF

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  • Members who get project email from us with project details by 6th November 2022 will be considered as final team members.

  • Team members will be selected as per the client requirement

  • Team members will be working on the previous levels assigned to them except for the ones who were due for promotion and it was communicated via email

  • In case anyone wants to be part of the project and has not received project email they need to call Aditi and check if we can place them in backup team

  • Members who did not get response from us by 6th November 2022 will automatically be counted as backup/reserve team

  • Backup team members are free to pickup any freelancing work they like

  • Backup team will be kept standby and on hold in case there is last minute requirement. Member can join in if at all they want to be part of the project for learning purposes on an Intern payout. Please contact your previous Project managers.

  • Members available for all the dates will be given preference in the shoot team

  • Travel allowance will be provided only against receipts or max up to ₹300 per day/project only with prior approvals from Project Managers

  • For outstation members travel & stay arrangements will be made by project manager and same will be notified on project email


  • TFI candidates will not be paid as this is a test project

  • There will be no travel allowance provided

  • Only 50 images per day are allowed to be submitted by TFI candidates. Images more than the required number will be deleted and only first 50 images will be kept. So, sort the images before submitting.

  • Videographers will freely shoot the clips for teaser perspective only by making sure every event is covered and will create instant teaser after the shoot at the shoot location itself. System will be provided or TFI can carry their own laptops if they want

  • TFI project will be considered complete only if candidate covers two days in total. Days on which they are required to come for TFI will be informed by Project managers on project email


We expect a great professional attitude in emails from our team members so we are happy to give away incentives in support of writing     better emails.

Members replying within 15 minutes of receiving emails from our office will get chance to earn ₹25 per email response considering the       below points are kept in place at all times:

  • Every reply needs to be perfect in grammar as well as overall drafting. This includes the choice of words, usage of paragraph, comma etc. used at the appropriate places.

  • Members will be evaluated for over all replies in this project. Seniors will judge and provide feedback on your email responses.

  • Members scoring above 7 points overall in the project including the perfect grammar and punctuality in email will get chance to win extra ₹ 1000


  • All the photographers are advised to click as much as they like. However, all photographers are expected to sort the photographs to maintain the fair percentage overall.

  • Photographers will be judged on all the photography parameters as per wedding shoot is concerned like Framing, Perfect Story, Timing, proper coverage overall etc.

  • Videographers will be judged on all the videography parameters as per wedding shoot is concerned like Framing, Perfect Story, Timing, proper coverage overall etc.

  • After overall sorting the total number of images selected for client delivery will be called client dump.

  • Photographers achieving 25% selection rate for client dump will get ₹500 provided no important event or image is missed example parents haldi shots with bride/groom, Mehndi Shots with parents, Bride or Grooms entry etc

  • Wide/Traditional Videographers footage used by editor more than 15% for teaser will get you ₹ 500

  • Candid/Creative/Block Lens Videographers footage used by editor more than 35% for full wedding film will get you ₹ 500


  • Client can anytime change their dates hence we will have to adjust as per client requirements.

  • In case of date change members will be notified as soon as we get to know.

  • Changed event dates will be notified on the ongoing project emails.

  • New contracts will be made for changed dates and signed by the members.


  • Overall Punctuality

  • Overall Professional Discipline

  • Technical Knowledge

  • All Rounder

  • Client Dump

The signature at the end of the form, should match atleast 35% from a Govt ID that the Team member provides


We are always open for suggestions

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