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I hereby agree with the terms and conditions of Knot Just Frames, Sole proprietorship of Vishhal AK Raina, registered office at C-7, Ground Floor, Southend Floors, Sohna Road, Gurugram, Sector 49, Haryana 122018, email id used for communication will be,  


Album Designing Project – Album designing for wedding project for Knot Just Frames.  


Project Details: High-resolution photos will be uploaded online and folder link will be shared for album designing. The total number of photos will be mentioned in project email. 



  1. Album Soft Copy – Total number of sheets as confirmed on project email along with Front and Back cover 


Work Process:  

  1. All the details will be mentioned in the email for this project, I will follow the process and update on the email. 

  2. Online folder will be created for me, to upload the above-mentioned deliverables. 

  3. I will follow the file naming as mentioned in the project email.  


Protocol to follow: 

  1. The project data will be shared via online folder link, I will not delete the data or any individual file from the album sorting shared through online folders. I will not upload any data related to this project, any other project or personal data in the links which have the projects High resolution album photo selection. 

  2. I will receive a separate online folder link to upload the album designs I create. The folder created on Online drive shall be used to upload data related to this project only. I will never use this online drive folder for any other project or files of personal work. 

  3. Once confirmed on email the project is completed or if the project is terminated by Knot Just Frames for any reason, then I will delete all project data immediately & will confirm through email. Failing this step can result in legal consequences. 


Copyrights & Reproduction Rights: 

  1. I will delete all project data, once notified on email. I will not keep/use any data for personal or business use. I will confirm the deletion of all data at the end of the project through email. 

  2. I agree not to sell the image(s) at any point of time to any person, company, group, advertising agency or any other person. 

  3. I agree not to use the image(s) for self-promotion or company promotion by uploading data on online portals or personal social media accounts or sharing these to any person, company, group, advertising agency or any other person through the internet/ offline mode. 

  4. All image(s) shared with me are property of Vishhal AK Raina and the ownership rights remain with Knot Just Frames & Vishhal AK Raina always. 


Knot Just Frames will use my work only if the work is up to the required standards. The same will be informed/ discussed with me. Payment will be released after the work is approved by Knot Just Frames and the high-resolution files are received by Knot Just Frames. 



  1. I agree to the compensation/ payment as mentioned in the project email. 

  2. I agree I will be compensated/ paid only if my work is approved by Knot Just Frames team for client submission.  

  3. The compensation/ payment will be released within/ by 10 days from the date of delivery to Knot Just Frames. 

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